Today, I would like to change the taste and talk about my favorite movie “Back to the Future Part 2”.

“Back to the Future Part 2” is the future of that time (it is the future 30 years from the time of release) on a time-machine type sports car invented by the high school prot Marty’s best friend Doku The main story is going to 2015. After that I went back to 1985 and 1955, so everything is not just about the future.

【送料無料】 バック・トゥ・ザ・フューチャー トリロジー 30thアニバーサリー・デラックス・エディション ブルーレイBOX 【BLU-RAY DISC】

But when I look back at this movie, it’s a movie more than 30 years old from now, but a lot of science and technology that is actually used is drawn!

I was surprised at this accuracy rate.

So, this time, I would like to introduce what kind of things are actually realized.


Hoverboard ⇒ ◯


Marty’s favorite item is a skateboard. In 2015, Marty was riding a hoverboard floating in the air.

The hoverboard is being developed by Hendo Hover and Lexus.

The floating power may still be unsatisfactory, but I think it can be said that it has come true.


The car flies in the sky! ⇒ △


In “Back to the Future 2”, Delorian of the time machine car flies in the sky. Thanks to that, the time slip has become easier.

In reality, flying cars developed by Slovak Aeromobil are on sale. But it seems that it is not yet in a world where flying cars are mainstream.


Movie “Jose 19” released ⇒ ✕

The 19th series has been released as a popular movie, but only up to the 4th is actually produced. But Universal Pictures is producing only the trailer for Jaws 19. It is amazing to introduce all the works from 1 to 19!

Hologram ⇒ ◯


Marty was surprised at the hologram sign of the movie “Joses 19”, but real hologram technology has evolved and 3D movies are pervading.

Automatic shoes lacing ⇒ ◯


“Nike MAG” where shoes straps automatically close when Marty puts their feet in sneakers. In fact, the “Nike MAG” with an automatic strapping function has been released.

Automatic adjustment of size ⇒ ✕

I think it’s stupid, clothes that automatically adjust the size according to the person you are wearing. In addition, it also has a good drying function. In the present age, it does not seem to be realized yet.

 Weather forecast hits in seconds ⇒ ✕

Marty came in 2015, but when the dock says, “The rain will stop in 5 seconds,” the rain has risen. In reality, it can not be said that the accuracy of the weather forecast has risen to this point.

Strange shape Pepsi cola ⇒ ◯ 

The Pepsi Perfect that Marty asked for is a reality! Limited edition of 6500 was sold at ※ Sales in the United States only.

  Image source: PEPSI / THE FUTURE IS NOW  

Glasses type terminal ⇒ ◯

A glasses-type terminal that looks at an image or receives a call. It may be said that it is similar to Google Glass, which Marty children are wearing, but unfortunately development has stopped.

Fingerprint authentication ⇒ 〇

It has already been adopted in our daily life, such as ATMs and smartphones. However, the degree of dependence is not high in reality compared to the work. In recent years, various authentication methods such as face, retina and palm print have also appeared. 

Lawyer system abolished ⇒ ×

 With the abolition of the legal system, earlier decisions came to court. When Marty’s son is arrested, the trial ends in two hours and guilty is finalized.

In modern times, of course, the legal system has not been abolished.

MLB team in Florida ⇒ ◯

The team in Miami, Florida will appear in the working MLB World Series. But in 1989, when I was released, there was no MLB team in Florida.

In reality, Florida Marlins (now Miami Marlins) was born in 1993, and Tampa Bay Rays was born in 1998!

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Automatic walk for dogs ⇒ ×

You can see the machine taking a walk through the dog while you are working. In reality, it may be possible to substitute by drone, but it can not be said that it is automatic.

 Pizza becomes huge! ⇒ ✕

Take a pizza smaller than the palm of your hand out of the bag, and tin in the range! The pizza is huge and grilled. It appears as a meal for family families, but it has not appeared in reality.  


 Of the 15 items, 9 have been realized.

■ Realized (including △) 

【Car flies in the sky!】
【Automatic strap tying shoes】
【A strange shape of Pepsi cola】
【Hands-free game】
【Glass terminal】
【Fingerprint authentication】
【MLB team to Florida】

■ Did Not realise

【Movie “Jose 19” released】
【Clothes to adjust the size automatically】
【Weather forecast is in seconds】
【Lawyer system abolished】
【Automatic walk with dog】
【Pizza gets bigger! ]

Don’t you think this is a pretty good percentage?

I was particularly surprised by the hoverboard. I want to ride once too.


I will quote the words of doc at the end!


It means your future hasn’t written yet.
No one’s has.
Your future is… whatever you make it.

(Back to the Future Part III / Doc)


(From the movie “Back to the Future Part 3” from Doku’s lines)

Well then again!

【送料無料】 バック・トゥ・ザ・フューチャー トリロジー 30thアニバーサリー・デラックス・エディション ブルーレイBOX 【BLU-RAY DISC】