“TED” I think many people have been asked this name somewhere. TED (Technology Entertainment Design) is a nonprofit organization that organizes and distributes a variety of lectures by celebrities from around the world. There is also a global lecture, and there is also a presentation of celebrities that everyone knows, and gentle speeches that give you a cheer when you stumble. A three-to-twenty-minute speech will give you an interesting view of your world, and maybe you’ll find a life-changing speech. In addition, it is also a very recommended English study material. I will introduce a selection of recommended videos in that Ted.


Benjamin Zander “Music and Passion”

Benjamin Zander has two infectious passions: waking up to the classical music itself and the undeveloped love that everyone has for classical music.

Because it is spoken in relatively easy-to-understand English, it is a great video to study English listening. The story is drawn without thinking very funny.


Anthony Robbins, “What moves people?”

Anthony Robbins talks about the invisible force that motivates human behavior… and there is also a high-fives with Al Gore in the front row.

This is a twenty-minute presentation of Anthony Robbins, a world-renowned coaching trainer.There are some parts that are difficult to understand because there is a habit in how to talk, but I have concentrated to the end because I have a great passionate presentation.Because Ted can also speak English subtitles, I think it is good to listen while watching the subtitles.


Tina Serig, “a little risk for good luck”

In most cases, luck is not an exceptional and dramatic thing like lightning strikes.It is like a wind that is always blowing.It is not difficult to capture more fortune, but it is difficult to understand.In this insightful talk, Professor Tina Serig, Faculty of Engineering, Stanford University teaches you three surprising ways to improve your ability to find and seize opportunities.

This is the story of Dr. Tina Serig, who is also familiar with the Stanford Incandescent Classroom DVD.This teacher’s story is really interesting!The method of good luck is the law of attraction.

Daniel Pink “The Science of Surprise”

Career analyst Daniel Pink examines the mysteries of motivation, starting with the fact that “traditional rewards are not as effective as we think” because social scientists know and many managers don’t know.Let’s listen to the enlightened story and move on.

In a job where creativity is required, internal motivation is more effective than external motivation such as “raising the reward according to the result”.Please watch and see what internal motivation is to motivate you to get motivated and produce good results!

Adam Grant, “The extraordinary habit of an ingenious person”

How do creative people come up with great ideas? Adam Grant, an organization psychologist, is doing research on “the original person.”People who fancy new ideas and put them into reality by their actions.From this lecture, let’s learn the three unusual habits that the original person has.It includes the failure.Grant says.”The greatest of the most original people is the people who have made the most mistakes.Because it is the most challenging testament.With so many bad ideas, we can create a few good ideas.」

Who comes up with a creative idea and what’s the difference between someone who doesn’t? Adam Grant found out that what was thought to be a “bad man” was actually a source of original ideas.

Tsutomu Uematsu (Tsutomu Uematsu) “Hope Invites” (think invites)

https://youtu.be/gBumdOWWMhY The last is a Japanese speech, but I dare to introduce it! This is Mr. Uematsu, who is developing rockets in Hokkaido.Real “Downtown Rocket”!? I have loved airplanes and rockets since I was a child, and while I was a factory manager, Japan was the only experimental facility in the area.is a state-of-the-art activity. “Rocket development is not a dream, but the challenge of rocket development as a means to eliminate the” impossible from the World “keyword is” invite think “(Hope invites). It is a little longer than 30 minutes of the video, please watch by all means because it is impressed insanely! We have introduced Ted videos to help you learn English. Ted is a great choice for learning English because it can display Japanese and English subtitles. There are many ways to use it, so please find out how to use it. We hope that you will help improve your life and private