The TOEIC listening problem lasts for 45 minutes (46 minutes, depending on the test), so it’s very hard to understand English and Australia in the UK. But dare I swear!“TOEIC is easier to take over 400 points in listening than it takes more than 400 points in reading.” Unfortunately, a lot of people are wrong about how to study toeic listening. So, based on my real experience, I would like to introduce the correct study method titled “study method to take over 400 TOEIC listening in three months”.


The teaching materials are narrowed down to TOEIC related materials

            Well, there is an opinion that it leads to the point improvement to study the movie, the overseas drama, and the English news in the listening material.If the listening power goes up certainly, the score of the TOEIC listening rises, too. However, it is a story that if you study for a year or two years or long. If you want to give your TOEIC score in a short period of time, you should concentrate on the TOEIC material. In particular, the official problem collection, use the same narrator as the real thing, please be sure to use it in the sense of getting used to the voice. You can also learn the words and phrases that are commonly used in the production by using the TOEIC materials, including the official problem collection. I think that it is necessary to watch the movie, the overseas drama, and the English news as a temporary breather when tired of the TOEIC material.

TOEICテスト公式問題集 新形式問題対応編 音声CD2枚付き [ Educational Testing ]

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【新品】【本】公式TOEIC Listening & Reading問題集 1 Educational Testing Service/著

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公式TOEIC Listening & Reading問題集(3) [ Educational Testing ]

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公式TOEIC Listening & Reading問題集(4) 音声CD2枚付 [ Educational Testing ]

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Fast reading!Look ahead to questions and choices

Listening problem, speed reading?There may be some who thought. TOEIC Part3 4 is written on the problem sheet questions and choices, it becomes very easy to read the questions and choices in speed reading before the speech flows. In addition, if you read the problem and the options earlier, you can predict what the content will be broadcast, and you will be able to figure out beforehand where you need to listen with emphasis. Although it may seem that there is no meaning in the training of reading comprehension of questions and choices though it is a measure of the listening, the read-ahead (speed reading) of this question and the choice is important in the TOEIC Part3 and 4 listening. Learn more about how to read ahead without experience studying abroad, even if you have a job!I also wrote, it will be as follows.

  1. When the listening test begins, check the chart problem at the end of Part 3.
  2. Review the issue of the intent of Part 3 in advance.
  3. For Part 4 Also, look ahead to the same place as above.(To finish this work until the end of Part 2)
  4. After the directions audio in Part 3, the first 1, 2 questions in Part 3 (question 32 to question 37) are read ahead.
  5. After that, before the second question of each problem is read, read the next three questions before reading → concentrate on the conversation voice → After the second question after the speech is over, read the next question three questions.

In addition, when the broadcast of Part 3 and 4 starts, please listen to the voice while listening to the selection, rather than reading the choices, and listening to the voice.If you read the choices while listening to the audio, you may miss the important part of the expert.



toeic950 points               Retention is the power of memory, such as how much you memorize the information in your head when you are listening to English. As for the retention, “the person who is insisted that” it is necessary to do the image in English without translating to the Japanese “and” it is insisted that it is ok even if it translates into the Japanese “, and my opinion We recommend that you do not get used to Japanese and retain it. For example, let’s say you have a question like this. 41. How Many speakers will address an audience? 42. When will the conference be held? 43. What will be distributed at the conference? The following is the retention of the problem. How many people do you speak?→ When is the meeting?What are you dealt with? How many people do you speak?→ When is the meeting?What are you dealt with? How many people do you speak?→ When is the meeting?What are you dealt with? , repeat in your head until the voice of the conversation begins to flow. By continuing the retention, you will be able to understand the meaning of English in an instant. In addition, even if you do not go through the Japanese, you will be able to understand the contents of English without further training. If you were unable to listen after solving the problem, check the script and analyze why the wrong place was wrong.Take a closer look at the script to find the rationale for the correct answer. It’s also very effective to focus on what you didn’t catch well and analyze why you didn’t catch it.

Try to read over-wrapping aloud

When you’re done, be sure to follow the narrator’s voice and practice your own pronunciation. It is important to be able to hear the sound that can be pronounced and to practice it aloud.

Mastering the rules of sound change peculiar to English

            Even though the official problem collection is only done by the method described up to now, it is considerably power, and it is necessary to master the rule of the sound change peculiar to English in order to surely take 400 points or more. For example, the following sentences are easy to read with the letter, but I do not know what you are saying that you do not know the change of sound peculiar to English when listening. □ The sound at the end of the first word is jammed and the consonant is omitted. Take the train to get there. [Take the Train T ‘ ge (t) there] I’ve been late twice. [I’vbinla (T) twice.] Hard Times [Har (d) times] with luck [wi (Th) luck] The TOEIC reference book written about the change of the sound of this side is unexpectedly small, “new format Problem Correspondence revised edition CD2 the World easy to understand TOEIC test class (Part 1-4 listening) and “CD-ROM [new edition] grammar, syntax and structure listening complete training” Please be sure to take a look at it. [Itemlink post_id = “1199”] [Itemlink post_id = “1332”] was this article helpful to you? If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through our comments and contact form. See you later. TOEIC 700 Points