TOEIC 990点(満点)
TOEIC 990点(満点)

TOEIC 990 Points

In this article, I will introduce the outline of the English language learning has gone from the age of 42 to the TOEIC 990.


Until elementary School graduation

Until graduation from the elementary school, almost never touched the English was equal. Some of my friends have friends who are attending English schools of elementary school students, but since I grew up in one country, I had little to no foreigners, and I did not have elementary English classes as of now, so I only know about Hello and Yes, No.


In my junior high school days

If you do not study English at last, I did not study English even if it is bad, I did not know how to study, “I simply learn to memorize all the words/sentences in English textbooks,” I thought I was learning to memorize (laughs) 荒 療, and the school’s regular exams had a near-perfect time. Basic of grammar and words between middle school students I think I wore the knowledge.


In my high school days

High school students and clubs have been busy, too, the time in English is also torn, and the grades have collapsed. English text is quite difficult to use in high school, so I could not learn to memorize the textbooks that were going to middle school when I was not able to grade. The English teacher was a very strict teacher, but it was only about learning words and grammar. College exams fail and wander life can be sent.

Preparing to enter the university era

It is only in English to find a long-problem practice. If that paddle was ultimately English only, it was possible to get about 70 deviations.


I did not study English for the most part (laughs) because I thought that “the strength of his English is no longer at the cusp of advancing to the university”, the motivation for learning English was also low.

After working-until 2013

I didn’t study English at all.

July 2015

It was 550 points where I studied and tested for a month in which I thought I needed to communicate in English because of the number of overseas offices in the company I work for. “I thought anyway anyway” at first, but I know that the average TOEIC point is around 580 points, I was shocked.

June 2015

TOEIC 700 points Breakthrough (760 points)! At the beginning of the TOEIC test, it was thought that the TOEIC was to graduate, but in fact, greed came out and continued to study with the Harambee, until it took 800 points.

October 2016

First TOEIC 800 points breakthrough! Furthermore, I remember that it was very happy to have a score of 800 points in the second half of the 860 points. I think it was a very hard time to go over the wall of 800 points of honesty, the most studied in English. I think the details can also be talked about in other articles.

December 2016

The TOEIC 900 point breakthrough (910 points)! TOEIC900 is more than the top 3% of the total number of examinees in the TOEIC examination system, “900 point holder” is often referred to many candidates to worship numbers range. I was good at the end of the study here, “I want to have a great one,” the desire to continue to study in the secret of disaster.

February 2016

Finally, the TOEIC 990 points! It took one year and two months after acquiring the first 900 points. I think that because the TOEIC was able to obtain 990 points for the first time when the wall was increased to 800 points/900 points/ TOEIC 990 Points

Mastery of TOEIC990 Dots

In TOEIC990, I recognize that if you really want to do something using English, it is the same skills as a dog pass….

  • English-newspaper: I can somehow read, but the time is not too practical.
  • Ebooks: A simple case to read.
  • Western painting: barely enough. It is hard without subtitles. You want English subtitles at least.
  • Western music: Some are well-known phrases
  • Interpreter: No simultaneous interpretation of English is not possible. A professional training skill is required for simultaneous interpreting.
  • English meetings: You cannot proceed directly or respond to what you have been heard.
  • Presentation in English: You can be prepared thoroughly but the impromptu cannot be overcome.

We are currently taking regular lessons on Skype English language learning to build English speaking skills. For more information on the TOEIC study method, I would like to write in detail because there are other opportunities such as number-up cheats. In addition.