TOEIC目標点数別 おススメ参考書一挙公開!!
Awsome!! Real TOEIC listening audio published for free!

Today, I have found a site that can be used free of charge for listening questions that recorded the same narrator as the TOEIC exam.


This listening question is extracted from the TOEIC Actual tests and past questions published by YBM, which has created the TOEIC test in Korea.


The collection itself is of course paid, but the audio can be downloaded for free from the YBM site!


However, because the site is written in Korean, is it hard to download it?
Therefore, I hope that you take advantage of using this video.


There is only an excerpt from the book released by YBM, and it is closely similar compared to the TOEIC test, so I think this is useful for you to learn TOEIC!


▼TOEIC Actual Test published by YBM


▼TOEIC Past Test published by YBM


And list page is here.


Other audio files are also stored on this list page.