Saga proud Projection Mapping Show

I stay in Saga prefecture of Japan on business until the end of April.


As I found an interesting article about the observation deck of Saga Prefectural Government in today’s local newspaper, I’ll share it now.


The other day I went to this observation deck, I was able to watch beautiful projection mapping for free and it was very fun.
Please come to Saga by all means!


The number of foreigners visiting to Japan is increasing (inbound)

Even in Saga Prefecture, I often see foreigners on sightseeing with a guidebook. It is known that Yutoku Inari Shrine etc. in Kashima City is a representative of the visit destination, but for some reason recently there are many customers visiting the prefectural office in the evening.

佐賀県庁展望台 プロジェクションマッピング

“How should I go to the observation deck?” In the evening, while I was walking near the prefectural office, Asian male foreigners have asked me recently. The destination is called the observation deck on the top floor of the prefectural office. He smiled when I taught a direct elevator with a gesture.


Their purpose is a tour of projection mapping, which projects bright light and images from the inside of the hall onto a window glass of 50 meters above the ground. The prefecture started in July 2016 to increase tourist resources at night. This year’s event has a story that traditional buildings in the prefecture, such as Takeo Onsen Tower Gate (Takeo City) and Nineteenth Century (Kanzaki City), will travel from the past to the future.

The prefecture was originally intended to have Japanese customers go out to restaurants at night. However, depending on the day, a bus with dozens of foreign group customers, of course, will arrive in front of the prefectural office to visit the tour. Toshiya Hirano (48), who serves as a guide at the viewing hall, is surprised that it has clearly increased since last year.


Spread reputation on SNS

According to the prefecture, the total number of visitors to the viewing hall over the past two and a half years is about 140,000. Although the number of foreigners is not counted, the proportion of foreigners among the respondents to the visitor questionnaire, which did not reach 10% of the total until the last year, surged to 30% last year. In recent years, the number of direct flights connecting Saga Airport with Korea and Taiwan has increased, and it seems to be a major factor that it has become regular.












Duration time of projection mapping at the observation deck is about 10 minutes.

It is flushed repeatedly about every 15 minutes. Because the tour can be taken free of charge, the reputation of membership-based exchange sites (SNS) is widespread.

The prefectural office outlook lobby opens at 8:30 am on weekdays and at 9:30 am on weekends and public holidays. Screening of projection mapping is from 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm 8 am to 10 pm from April when the sunset is late. In addition to the “night sky sky time travel” that is currently screened, touching the window will randomly show the sights of Saga etc., “Saga’s sight” that depicts the underwater torii in Tara town and the sight of Karatsu kunchi with pencil drawing and light Etc. are also on display.


Projection mapping video sharing

Finally, I will share the projection mapping video that I actually shot.
It is a long video about 8 minutes.
So I hope you will take a closer look when you have your time.

See you in Saga!